Ali khalilzadeh (born November 13,1979). Started to learn guitar in 1994. In 1995 started to play rock music as he bought his first electric guitar (hufner). 1998 joind to "Sound of silence" rock band as composer, electric guitar player and back vocals. "Sound of silence" had more than 35 concerts, mostly in universities during 4 years of its activity. In 2002 he left the band. In 2007 he started to writing new songs for his solo career. In September 2008 he started "NAHAN"music project. Recording procces was between december 2009 and february 2010 in tehran at the signal studio. He named the album "Ey Kash" (O would) which is a 16 track conceptual rock album. All the songs, arrangements, guitars, vocals and backing vocals are by Ali khalilzadeh >>>

Ey Kash
Ali Koochooloo
Dood Dood
by Jahanshah Javid updated 21-Aug-2011

Ey Kash

From "Ey kash" Album by "NAHAN" Rock band