updated 17-Oct-2010 O-Hum are the pioneers of Iranian modern rock music. In fact, in 1999 and by recording their first album they started a movement which was later called Persian Underground Music. Since then, many young musicians and rock bands have followed what O-hum created as a way to have freedom to play, record and promote their music without any boundary. The way O-Hum smartly used Internet both as a powerful Media and a strong fan base helped them get through the censorship of 'Ershad' [The ministry of Guidance in Iran] and spread their sound into the whole world.The band was formed in 1999 in Tehran by Shahram Sharbaf [Singer\Songwriter\ Producer] with Shahrokh Izadkhah [Guitars\Traditional Inst.] and Babak Riahipour [Bass]. In 2002 Babak left the band due to personal matters and to continue his solo career. O-Hum music is a mix of western rock music melted with Persian music,scales and Instruments. Lyrics are taken from Iranian legendary poets Hafez and Rumi. With their first album 'Nahal-e Heyrat' [1999] the band has had troubles with Ershad to get album release or concert permission, which nearly all of their attempts failed. But in 2001 O-Hum launched their website and put all their songs online for free. The feedback and appreciation has been so huge since then that helped the band be recognized on international scene and play concerts in United Stated and Europe. The band recorded two singles as 'Hafez in Love' [2002] and since then Shahram has been fronting O-Hum as a solo project. 'Aloodeh' [2005] was the next full album by O-Hum which was released outside of Iran and received a great welcome both locally and overseas. During 2004 to 2008 the band was busy playing several gigs in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Rostock, Amsterdam and New York. O-Hum has been one of the first underground bands after the revolution to appear on foreign stages. O-Hum's latest album 'E-Hum: Remixes [1999/2009]' was digitally released 15th March 2010 on major online music stores >>>

Ala Yaa Ayohal Saghi
Pir-e Mey Foroosh
Hafez In Love
The Way Of Love
Goftam Ghameh To Daram