BIOGRAPHY I was born on March 15, 1950, in Shahsavar. Good voice was inherited by me and my siblings, from our father and grandfather. My father was my best patron in the family. Whenever there was a program at school and they invited me to attend, not only that he did not object, but he encouraged me dearly. I used to attend art competitions in school, relying on his protection. The last time that I gained first place in the singing competitions among all students over the country, I met my music master, the late Mahmood Karimi, who was a member of board of referees. Master Karimi encouraged me and suggested to teach me Persian music (Dastgah, and Radif of traditional music). Hence I seriously began to study Persian traditional music under his tutorship. Not longer than tow years after teaching me, he introduced me to The Ministry of Culture and Art, for professional performance. I remained his student, even years after beginning my professional activities >>>

Pire Farzaneh
Beautiful Song
Tasnif e Dashti
Avaz on TV
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Pire Farzaneh

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