Peyman Salimi made his first steps in music at the age of six . It was in his teens that he set his heart on the sound of the guitar which he still believes as the most mysterious thing he's ever met. He met the young guitarist and teacher Shervin when he was 16. Peyman was deeply encouraged by this new encounter to find his "musical vision" and a personal expression.

Shervin was to have a profound effect on Peyman's guitar playing, introducing him to the intricate lead technique of Latin-flamenco guitarists and the subtle skills of jazz-Latin guitar, the elements of which he was eventually to weave into his style of guitar picking. It was in this period that he wrote his first song.

After High School he decided to pursue music seriously and enrolled on the course ‘Classical Guitar Performance’ at the Faculty of Fine Art of the University of Tehran. But he quit in the middle of the course and moved to Florence, Italy, and continued his classical guitar studies with Alfonso Borghese at the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini.

Moving away from his native country led him to make his debut album "The Curtain" in which he expresses the many faces of immigration, core thematic of his lyrics. . The album has been recorded in the summer of 2008 at a little home studio in Florence. He has no definition for his style "I love where the lines meet and cross each other. This album is just a little step ahead and obviously I need time to find my own tone".

Peyman's also dedicating his potential as a composer to score 3D animations. Recently he's become a member of Shortcut Studio that is involved in 3D animation and special effects. He has discovered a different expressivity in these technologies, in which he finds the freedom and the courage to give voice to those ideas difficult to bring out in his songs. He is currently continuing his master studies in Music and New Technology at the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini.

Ten Thousand Miles Away (Video)
by Shadi Yousifian & Ardalan Payvar updated 03-Feb-2009

Take the Last Chance

Music Video for Peyman Salimi. Album: The Curtain, Video by: Beedaar Production (Shadi Yousefian, Ardalan Payvar), Cinematography by: Giulio Bruni, Published by: Bamahang Productions.