updated 04-Dec-2007

Founded in 2001 by featured artist and CEO Prynce P, Pohectic Life Records is a Dallas TX independent hip hop label. Consisting of 6 artists ranging from vocal hip hop to production, Prynce P, CO2, Charmz, Crunkie, Sha Meezy & Antimeini combine dynamic sounds and skillz of old-school hip hop with the new school twist.

In the meantime, check out this song Prynce P did with these cats from Iran... They are a group called "Tanbe 10" and the song is called "Gov O Goosfands".

Their upcoming album entitled [Pohectic-The 2nd Chapter] is due to be released in 2008. For updates, keep it locked on and for all you my space junkies, you can also find them at

Purchase Persian CDs here

Gov o Goosfand (MP3)
My Life
Live And Fresh
Crushed Dreamz
Body Move
Where tha blind can see
Let's Get It On
Star Crossed
Is this What You Want
Workem Back
Theyll Know