Sami Akbari, known musically as sami.the.great, is driven by her overwhelming desire to write and play music. She frequented open mic nights in college, often taking home cash prizes for her highly anticipated performances. She moved to New York City two weeks after receiving her degree in 2005, and quickly began landing gigs at local venues, including The Living Room, Joe's Pub and Mercury Lounge as well as other venues around the country. Her latest EP, "Nothing Left to See", features five original songs written by Sami and a cover of Sting's "Roxanne." The disc not only reveals the trajectory of Sami's songwriting career, but also her deft combination of emotion and wit, of melancholy and humor. Like her live show, the album reflects the notion that great things come in small packages and showcases a small-framed singer whose impassioned voice fills the spaces and lives around her >>>

Dresser Drawer
Dresser Drawer (Acoustic)
Did You Ever Love Me?
Heard it through the grapevine
Love's a Losing Game
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Dresser Drawer

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