updated 20-May-2011

Sepehr, a Higher Octave/EMI recording artist, is one of the founders and a member of the Shahin & Sepehr band. Sepehr's solo work on the Sepehr Music label include the 2007 composition entitled "Summer in Beijing: One World, One Dream" which is a collection of music that was composed in celebration of the upcoming 2008 Olympics games in Beijing. This work incorporates musical instruments and sample sounds from the Far East in an ambient setting. Sepehr Music is currently negotiating the licensing/distribution of this work with several interested record labels for use during the 2008 Summer Olympics. For more information on the music please visit

Journey Back
Silk Road & 10th
Sea of Khazar
Summer in Beijing
Summer in Beijing (2008)
Bukhara Nights (2008)
Corner of Silk Road & 10th (2008)
Erhu Dance (2008)
Parthian Wedding Dance (2008)
Sea of Khazar (2008)
Anzaman (2005)
Negahe Yare Man (2005)