Born in Tehran, Iran, Sepideh Vahidi studied Persian folklore and traditional Persian music under some of the finest masters of this art. Weaving the transparent layers of many emotions into a sound that could not be defined by the name of a land with borders became her tradition. However Sepideh’s vocals have deep roots in her Iranian identity, femininity, and very much influenced by Persian poetry. Living in America, Sepideh studied Fine Arts, once again using layers as her primary tool. Both in her vocals and her artworks, she folds and unfolds, twist and turns notes to express the happiness, pain, love, grief, hope, nostalgia, and memories that haunt her in life >>>

Yeki Bood Ke Mikhoond
Ay Delom
by Jahanshah Javid updated 05-Apr-2012


A song from Sepideh Vahidi and Beshar al Azzawi's music project "Enemies".

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