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updated 15-Jul-2012

If he sings like a Pop star, looks like a Pop star and has millions of teenage fans like a Pop star, he IS a Pop star. Even in the Islamic Republic. How is that possible? God knows. Shadmehr Aghili is perhaps more than a Pop star -- he's a super star in a country where Pop was banned for nearly two decades. His music is not that original -- it's kind of a light mixture of Daryoush, Moin and maybe even a little bit of Googoosh. If his style could be described in a word, it would probably be "sweet".

Toyee ("Khiali Nist" cd)
Mikhaam beram, Paa nadaarm ("Bi Khiyal" cd )
Man ("Khiali Nist" cd)
Man o to ("Khiali Nist" cd)
Zhina ("Khiali Nist" cd)
Emrooz o Fardaa Kardi ("Khiali Nist" cd)
Ghorbat ("Adam Foroush" cd)
Dele man toro mikhaad ("Khiali Nist" cd)
Chi Mishod ("Khiali Nist" cd)
Begoo az Koja ("Khiali Nist" cd)
Bazia Shisheyian ("Khiali Nist" cd)
Khiali Neest ("Khiali Nist" cd)
Navaaee ("Dehaati" cd)
Paaeez ("Dehaati" cd)
Negaahe Panjereh ("Dehaati" cd)
Delkhoshi ("Dehaati" cd)
Mosaafer ("Mosaafer" cd)
Hezaar o yekshab ("Adam Foroush" cd)
Hadise Mehrabaani ("Mosaafer" cd)
Rouhe sabz ("Mosaafer" cd)
Bitaabi ("Mosaafer" cd)
Tahdid ("Adam Foroush" cd)
Ashkehman ("Adam Foroush" cd)
Vaghti Gofti Naro ("Adam Foroush" cd)
Deleh Divooneh ("Adam Foroush" cd)
Dobaareh ("Khiali Nist" cd)
Adamforoosh ("Adam Foroush" cd)
Omran ("Adam Foroush" cd)