by Azam Nemati
updated 02-Sep-2007

These are tracks from Shahidi's live concert on January 13th, 1996 at the Western Reserve church in Pepper Pike, Ohio, at the invitation of the Hafiz Cultural Foundation. Other performers: Dr. Keshtgar on tar and Dr. Kosari on flute. It was recorded by Dr. Meshginpoosh. He converted his recording for the listening pleasure of visitors. Fans of classical music will love thee memorable songs.

* Dr. Meshginpoosh's introduction
* Track 2
* Track 3
* Track 4
* Track 5
* Track 6
* Track 7
* Track 8

From "Tanhaa biyaa" album

* Tanhaa biyaa
* Navaiee
* Shahre ghareeb
* Torbate Leili
* Yaar-e beevafaa
* Ey souzeh

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Aay Sooreh
Yaare Bee Vafa
Torbate Leily
Shahre Gharib
Track 8
Track 7
Tanhaa Beeyaa
Track 6
Tanhaa Beeyaa
Track 5
Track 4
Track 3
Tanhaa Beeyaa
Track 2
Tanhaa Beeyaa
Track 1
Tanhaa Beeyaa