by Azam Nemati
updated 04-Nov-2011

Wikipedia: Shahram Nazeri (Kurdish: Şehrem Nazeri, Persian: شهرام ناظرى) is a contemporary Iranian Kurdish tenor who sings classical Persian and Kurdish music. He is one of Iran's most respected vocalists. He was born in 1950 to a Kurdish family in Kermanshah, Iran. His family was musical. He started to learn Vocal techniques and Setar playing from his father at an early age. He is said to have started singing in public at the age of eight. He specializes in the rich tradition of Sufi music, which turns to song the mystical poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, Attar, and others. Nazeri is known particularly for several decades of works on Rumi poetry. He is also working on symphonies made on Firdowsi's masterpieces >>>

Amir Kabir
Toee Tanha
Dar Rah e Maykhaneh
Sounds of Peace II
Mara Faryad Kon
Toee Tanha
Che Sabzam Emrooz
Kohan Diar
The Passion of Rumi (Passion of Rumi)
Journey to Eternity (Passion of Rumi)
Beyond (Passion of Rumi)
Enchanted (Passion of Rumi)
The Passion of Rumi (Passion of Rumi)
Journey to Eternity (Passion of Rumi)
Track 3 (She'r o erfaan)
Track 2 (She'r o erfaan)
Benmaay rokh (She'r o erfaan)
Elaa yaa ayyohal saaqi (Gol-e Sad Barg)
Del-e man ra'ye to daard (Gol-e Sad Barg)
Andak andak (Gol-e Sad Barg)
Dars-e sahar (Gol-e Sad Barg)
Dars-e sahar (intro) (Gol-e Sad Barg)
Voice Of Endearment (Sedaye Sokhane Eshgh)
Revelation (Sedaye Sokhane Eshgh)
Surrender (Sedaye Sokhane Eshgh)
Supplication (Sedaye Sokhane Eshgh)
Spiral Of Abandon (Sedaye Sokhane Eshgh)
Track 6 (Dar Golestaneh)
Track 5 (Dar Golestaneh)
Track 4 (Dar Golestaneh)
Track 3 (Dar Golestaneh)
Track 2 (Dar Golestaneh)
Track 1 (Dar Golestaneh)