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For better days
A song about/for freedom

By Shahrzad Sepanlou
June 27, 2003
The Iranian

I received the lyrics to "Azadi" (Freedom) from my father, Mohammad Ali Sepanlou, two years ago. I was immediately drawn to it and knew it would make a very special song for my next album because of its subject matter.

Freedom is a concept which hits close to home because I have tasted it, felt it, lost it and got it back. But getting it back has been a bittersweet victory because so many people don't have it and I can't share my joy with them.

As I was preparing this song last month, the unrest in Iran began to happen. I started watching news clips of Iranian students and how they risk so much to attain what is a fundamental human right. They are the brave ones. And me, what could I do from this far away?

When I went into the studio for recording I thought about Iran and my childhood. The beautiful memories of the Caspian Sea, of a sunny and breezy day in my backyard, of the fresh morning scent in "Park-e Farah", of cheerful faces and laughter in the streets, of freedom!

These Bright and colorful images danced through my head while I sang the song. And I sang hoping that someone might hear this song and might think of the good days too. I hope in my own small way, I have voiced my unity with other Iranians. Here is to better days.

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From the upcomging album "1001 Nights" by AVANG Music Co.
Lyrics: M. A. Sepanlou
Music: Farzin Farhadi

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