by Azam Nemati
updated 02-Sep-2007

Shayan a fellow Khuzestani who has a nice voice in comparison to many of the newcomers. I bought his two CDs just to support someone from my part of the world but ended up liking most of the songs.

From Gole Naaz CD

* Aroosi
* Baa to boodan
* Vaseh to farghi nadaareh
* Telesme Shekasteh
* Gole Naaz
* Havaaye Daryaa
* Bolnad Parvaa

From Crown of Love CD

* Ahoo
* Dokhtar Azari
* Khooneye Khaateraat
* Baaraan
* Taaje Eshgh
* Dokhtar Ahvaz
* Moje Giso
* Medley

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Dokhtar Ahvaz
Taaje Eshgh
Khooneye Khaateraat
Dokhtar Azari
Bolnad Parvaa
Havaaye Daryaa
Gole Naaz
Telesme Shekasteh
Vaseh to farghi nadaareh
Baa to boodan