by Azam Nemati
updated 02-Sep-2007

I have dinner with an Abadani girl friend once a month so I can watch Iranian TV and see if any new artist worthy of listening performs. At the last gathering the camera showed a sea of young people mesmerized and then a handsome face was shown. He had my attention and took my breath away when he began to sing "You were not in love, I was in love with you. In the shrine of love you were my idol" in the most beautiful and heart stopping voice I had heard in a long time (Havasbaaz track).  My tears fellow and when I saw all those young people crying I felt great!  The music and lyrics in every track s beautiful. Soroush's  soul soothing voice and his grasp of music is such a refreshing joy for my old heart. 

- Range Zendegi
- Mojezeh
- Shoghe Nafas
- Leila
- Havasbaaz
- Az to Khoondan
- Kabootar
- Safar

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Az to Khoondan
Range Zendegi