by Jahanshah Javid
updated 02-Sep-2007

Music is found at different moments in theater, in the background, the foreground... But in "Qui est la", Mahmoud Tabrizi-Zadeh is ever present with his subtle talent, his humanity and tradition. -- Peter Brook

It's not very hard to love a Googoosh tune or to be struck by Mozart's genius. But what you are about to hear is unique and unusual -- modern music perfomed with, among others, traditional Iranian instruments.

If your haven't heard a lot of modern music, you first need to listen to Mahmoud Tabrizi-Zadeh's music more than a couple a of times and only then you my come to like it. But many won't. It's just too "weird".

I think his work is brilliant. Listening to them, I was often pulled away from earthly distractions, feeling like a mere particle in the universe.

Tabrizi-Zadeh, who died quietly in France last year, collaborated with the modern playwright Peter Brook for many years. We have featured tracks from his "Scenes" CD in which he plays all the instruments.

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* Death of Priam

In RealAudio format. Get it here.

Death of Priam