"Take It easy Hospital" a mainly two piece band ( joined by a drummer and bassist for performances) was formed in Tehran the hometown of the two. The word " take it easy hospital" was derived from the desire to be free from all the hustle and bustle that exists in big cities with all the disturbing sounds and sad people with all sort of problems; "take it easy hospital" is somewhere one can find peace and freedom and "take it easy!"

Multi-Instrument Singer-songwriter Ash Koosha ( composer, Organs ) is also the lead guitarist and song writer of FONT, a four piece rock band formed in 2004 that was later sentenced to prison for 21 days in august 2007 for performing in an underground rock concert in Tehran suburb.

Later he persued recording FONT's second album along with his own music project as a single song writer which resulted in a successful collection of acoustic songs.

Despite playing with FONT and recording his own tracks, he always felt a desire to experience something new within his music, since in his earlier years he had a passion for making film music which gave him a sense of beauty and calmness and resulted in a collection of film music. He was searching for minimal, new sounds, something " he hadn't been able to find yet in all these years" as he claims.

Negar Shaghaghi ( Nelle ) was persuing dreams of her own at that time. She began singing indipendently at a very young age without having a professional vocal coach. She grew up trying to realize her old dream, She also found a poetic side in herself and wrote several short stories and poems. later she tried to cover songs by great female artists and improved her vocal techniques, also wrote lyrics of her own circling mainly on social concerns and her own feelings and other people's.

She could never have a live show of her own due to the fact that singing for females is banned by the Iranian government, But she performed in a theater written by herself and made a short film. meanwhile she persued her desire of singing all by her own and improved her music knowledge by learning about music theory and taking classic vocal courses.

The two met within the small music community of Iran. The very few who played modern music. And found lots in common about music and the concept of life. After a while they decided to form their own band to share their innermost dreams and prove to the world that pure love and peace still exists.

The goal was to represent a new sound that brought joy while centering on deep social matters and by this contrast to show that after all one goes through in life they pass by it and all that remains is a memory ,so better to laugh and be happy for every single breath.

Their first single DEMO song Human Jungle was recorded in july 2008 and received many positive feed backs from fans that encouraged them to move further in their new music life and resulted in the second song Television blues. The band was influenced by many great artists such as klaxons, Moving units, Joy Devision, Sigur Ros and many more.

By Ash playing the organ they could bring a new soul to their music, and a unique sound that had brought people joy, peace and calmness through history.

They are trying to cherish nature and beatury and bring it into daily life and make people realized what a huge part they might have missed in their passed years.
Red Hats (Video)

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Red Hats

"Take It easy Hospital" a mainly two piece band (joined by a drummer and bassist for performances) was formed in Tehran the hometown of the two ">>>

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