Tapesh-2012 ist the winner of German worldmusic award. Besides a band Tapesh-2012 is also a growing community and organisation. We have a huge and definite aim. Democracy, steadiness, peace and prosperity for IRAN and the Middle East. The future of Iran and the population in Middle East ought and can best be managed by the own nation. The producers of Tapesh 2012 work with different singers & Rapper like Shahin Najafi & Omid, Wojna (German) and Toni T. (Englisch) Tapesh-2012 doesn't associate with any political party. We see ourselves as a bridge between all the parties and organizations with the same aims and above all who accept the global human rights. We are looking forward to your assistance. Recommnt Tapesh 2012 to all your friends! See You in IRAN @ 2012. Contact: (+49) 0177-2884486. [email protected].
Democracy (Video)

Democracy (Video)
Ma akhare khatim (Video)
Ma mard nistim (Video)
Zendegi e Sagi (Video)
Ma mard nistim (Live Video )
For Shamloo (Video)
For Fereydoun Farrokhzad (Video)
Amoo Chris de Burgh (Video)
Harf e Zan (Video)
Ma Sharrim (Video)
Dada Kojaii (Video)
Goldoona Gol Nadadan (Video)
Chiz (Video)
Man Kharam (Video)
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Tapesh 2012 is a team of young artists from Iran, Germany and Great Britain. For the past 2 years, the team has been fighting for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran and the Middle East with music, concerts and videos . for more information please visit

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