Islamic world urged to stand against Western-style human rights
15-May-2008 (3 comments)

Iran-Larijani-Human Rights
Secretary of the Human Rights Headquarters of Iran's Judiciary Mohammad-Javad Larijani called on all Islamic states on Thursday to stand against the Western-style human rights.

Addressing a local gathering of judiciary officials, Larijani criticized the West's interpretation from the human rights.

He stated that after the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, the country committed to fulfill international undertakings on human rights.

Iran has decided to fulfill those international commitments in accordance to its interest as an Islamic country, stressed the official.

He explained, "Tehran's strategy is to conform international commitments on human rights to the Islamic concepts and then enforce" them nationwide.

According to Larijani, only 20 percent of the international documents signed by Iran on human rights, were different, in words, from Islamic concepts.

"80 percent of international documents signed by Iran on the human rights issue are not literally different from Islamic principles," Larijani said.


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by jimzbund on

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I think this should be put in to context

by Abarmard on

Since the Human Rights issue has turned to be a political issue rather than caring for human beings. It's logical that countries instead of caring and push for this agenda, they refuse to bend their heads.

Similar to the UN, the ideas of Human Rights are one sided and work solely on the benefit of the western governments. Countries that don't obey the rule are encourage to do so as long as they are aligned with the west. The Islamic world is no different, realizing how the Iraqi issue is dealt comparing to one individual who gets a death sentence in Russia, china or Iran. Both are wrong but get a different treatment. It's unfair, bias and selective. The result therefore is what we witness around the globe. No government takes the issue seriously.

If you spoke to an average American before the war in Iraq, they would make fun of the UN for not agreeing that the war is a right thing to do. Also they made fun of France, to name one, at the time when the French brought on the issues of the Human Rights to the US government in regard to their actions, specially Iraq.

The Western government are mostly quiet when Turkey or Jordan attack any democratic movement in their country.

The West is silent when Israel bombs Lebanon to nothingness. Or attacks Syria as preemptive act. They are all justified politically.

Well, you cannot be selective. You must obey the law of the Human Rights, regardless of the situation. When the logic is twisted based on "it depends", then Islamic countries could say, it depends also!

The human catastrophes around the world are left alone and focus has turned to demonize a country (for example) for their lack of human Rights, in order to attack them and cause even further catastrophes.

If everyone looks at the issue of Human Rights in a humane way rather than political, then these countries starting from the west might change behavior.

Suffering is a inhumane situation that is equally bad for anyone anywhere. There is no if, buts, or maybes. Are we there yet? So be fair in your judgments. The issue is an international issue and similar to the UN must be unbiased, which is not. At this point we are not living in such a world. One should not be selective.


Mullahs and Human rights

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

Larijani said:
"He stated that after the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, the country committed to fulfill international undertakings on human rights.".

True statement. BUT as long as those deprived ones are outside Iran.

One wonders, if Israel's majority religion would have been a Shi'ite Muslim (Instead of Jewish), and Palestinians whom are Sunnis, would still be in refugee camps. Would these Mullahs still be supporting them to "liberate their purported land" through terror and mayhem. Don't bet your boots on it.

And what about the Christians Arabs in Darfur?. We don't see the Mullahs are getting off their asses, and protest the persecution of over 2M innocent people.

Hypocrisy in Tehran this days is more popular then chellow-kebab. Just consider this facts. During past 3 years, Almost 3M Iraqis - most Sunnis were forced out of their homes, mostly by their shi'ite neighbors. More then 2M were absorbed by Syria and 900K by Jordan. Iran refused to provide food and shelter to the poor Sunnis. Rather they chased them away when they approached their border. BUT they opened their arms for their fellow shi'ites, whom they have been arming and instigating against the Sunnis and the Americans.