S-300s for Iran: an argument for peace
RIA Novosti / Ilya Kramnik
22-Dec-2008 (3 comments)

S-300s do not, of course, guarantee Iran's invincibility or
invulnerability. The U.S. Air Force and naval aviation can, if
necessary, break through even these defenses. At issue is the time
required and acceptable level of loss. Ultimately, the question may
prove to be the main argument in the hands of those opposed to a
military operation against Iran and remove an Iran-U.S. armed conflict
from the agenda for a long time.

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Shantanu, do you have a source for your claim that...

by Ostaad on

Syria "had" the S-300 system which the Israelis jammed during their attack on Syria? I'm sure everyone knows how to jam anything and there are counter-measure for that also. My question to you is, why do you think NATO will help Israel to jam Iranian air defense systems? Can you cite any sources where you read NATO will help Israel to attack Iran anywhere? It seems you are the kind of guy who shoots from the hip.



by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

1. The S-300 is the bulwark anti missile system of the Russian federation, to believe that the export version Greece got would cause "compromise" is lunacy, considering the Russians upgrade the S-300 systems constantly (They are not idiots). Iran's defence ministry would not buy compromised systems neither, (also not idiots).

2. Syria did not have any S-300 systems. Israel flew in from the sea, through Turkey, bombed a deserted camel hotel that was unprotected, and hovered over a presidential retreat that was also unprotected just to make headlines, before getting the hell out of there.

3. The Indian SUMKI is an export version, meaning the Russians hold the main goodies for themselves, always.

4. The S-400 system wont be operational until 20-30 years from now in replacing the S-300. The S-500 well.. heh.. its more of a myth from what I read. Jane did an article, so did a couple of other magazines. The S-300PMU1 is the best regular anti air defence system you can get today (exluding the S-400), better than the patriot system.


S-300s are compromised systems

by Shantanu Chatterjee (not verified) on

S-300s capabilities are widely known as they have been sold to Greece(a NATO country),and NATO obviously knows how to jam it as demonstrated by the Israeli lightning raid on Syria's nuke plant which had S-300s guarding it(no planes were lost).The really cool russian systems are the S-400 triumf and the bleeding edge S-500(in development) but it is very unlikely Russians will be willing to sell these and other bleeding edge systems to countries other than India(which as a rule gets conventional russian weapons before the russian armed forces:)Brahmos,S-400 and Su-30mki etc etc).
Well best of luck anyway!