'Russia won't renege on Iran nuclear deal'
Press TV / Who knows
15-Jan-2009 (one comment)

The Iranian envoy to Russia says delays in completion of Iran's first nuclear plant in the southern city of Bushehr are not only Russia's fault. Mahmoud-Reza Sajjadi stressed that Russia is committed to complete the plant, despite the pressure on Moscow to halt the project, IRNA reported on Tuesday. The Iranian ambassador to Moscow noted that some other countries that made commitments to provide equipment required for the plant have not met their obligations on time.


Bozak namir bahaar myaad, khaobozeh baa khiar...

by Ostaad on

Who knew? Here's an idea, since the illsusive "nigooghaah-e atomi" has a nice dome and a couple of smoke stacsk that can be used as minarets, IRI can announce one of the workers there had a dream that a SOE (son of an emam) was burried there. Iran will be the proud owner of the most expensive and well built (I am guessing) EMAAMZAADEH. Why the hell not?!!!