Why Israel wins, even when it loses
Today's Zaman / Christopher Vasillopulos
17-Jan-2009 (one comment)

Israel wants Middle East instability period. This is a policy of dividing your enemies. The resistance this provokes guarantees American support, because it conjures up a nightmare worse than Saddam's politicization of oil: the control of oil by Islamic fundamentalists. Hence the drumbeat against Iran.


Fishing is muddy waters

by Ostaad on

Personally, I don't think Arab Unity is a good thing for Iran, either. Israel's defeat of the Arab armies in '67 and '72 served kept the Arabs out of Iran's hair, so to speak, for decades. Those were great victories for Israel. But now Israel is committing war crimes pure and simple. I'm looking forward to the war crimes trials of Livni, Barak, Olmert and a host of IDF personnel soon.