UAE renounces rights to nuclear fuel cycle
Press TV
22-Jan-2009 (3 comments)

"The UAE's approach to development of civil nuclear energy stands in direct contrast to Iran's pursuit of nuclear capabilities incompatible with IAEA and UN Security Council resolutions," the US State Department said.

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Why does Iran need a bomb? for what reason?

by Undeniable difference (not verified) on

OK then according to you we should conclude that Iran the mighty is more prosperous and has a bright future ahead of her compared to the UAE the pathetic under current circumstances.

I say if mullahs have got nothing to hide, they will come clean and become transparent to the whole world specially now that Obama has held out his hands.

All immediate Iran's enemies like Saddam and Talbans are gone and no more. So what is Iran afraid of? who's going to invade Iran? UAE?!!! Egypt? Pakistan?

You will surely say US and Israel!

Now with Obama at the WH holding out his hands for engagement, Iran has no excuse not to accept his offers and go on calling the US an enemy!

As for Israel, Israel has absolutley no territorial intentions over Iran many thhousands of miles away you know that so why should Iran be
afraid of Israel in the first place if Mullahs join the ME peace initiative and stop once and for all whatever kind of support they're providing to groups which do not want peace with Israel?

Israel has the right to exist, mullahs must accept this fact if they want normalcy in their relationship with the world.


Comparing khomaloos and azgeels.

by Ostaad on

I can see the "prosperity", believe me. But, first, the UAE is not a country. It is a collection of city-states, or rather tribal shiekhdoms, with miniscule population. Iran, on the other hand is a big country with a huge population which is more industries, universities, hospitals, roads, and many other economic establishments. Ironically Iranians run all of these while the UAE's 1.5 million "nationals" rely on 3 million foreigners to run their "country". I still see no similarities, do you?


Look where they are and where Iran is after 30 years

by Undeniable difference (not verified) on

Just take a trip down to Dubai ONLY and you'll see the amazing transformation of a country which until 30 years ago was nothing but sand thanks to HUGE foreign investments from America, Britain, European countries, Japan and Asia. Prosperity is so evident everywhere there.

In the meantime ask mullahs about all their huge real estate investments there.