Israel – Hamas Conflict and Iran’s Stance
Turkish Weekly / Arzu Celalifer Ekinci
02-Feb-2009 (4 comments)

When we examine the Iranian stance on the issue we can see that contrary to many expectations and estimations Iran did not take a certain attitude that would escalate the conflict. In fact Iran’s foreign policy is based on pragmatic principles, and in this matter as well Iran demonstrated a pragmatic approach.

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Mehdi Mazloom


by Mehdi Mazloom on

Yes indeed, to uninitiated person who is not familiar with that venerable "ta'arof", and the art of duplicity practiced by these Mullahs, it is very easy to fall into their so-called "peace loving" trap.

What these despotic Mullah say, and what they do behind the scene are two different things.

It just remains to be seen, whether the Mullahs are smarter then the Arabs with their pretentious concern about the Palestinians. Or the Arab are the smarter one with hidden objective of "milk the cow from Tehran as long as it goes, then dump the shi'ite".

soon or later, that 1300 year old animosity and ingrained distrust between the Shi'ite and Sunni will come back to celebrate - yet again.

My farsi is not very fluent. I don't know what "one of the others" mean.


Thank you Ostad jan

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Brilliant article. Very clarifying for those who wish to see and those who are seeking peace in the Middle East.

As for Mazloum, which Mazloum are you? The Farsi speaking one or one of the others?

Mehdi Mazloom

The complete proposal from Iran.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Here are the points.

1.  Immediate cease-fire and withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza 2   Ending the blockade on Gaza and re-opening all border crossings 3.Forming
a fact-finding committee to identify the Israel  overnment’s crimes
against Gaza in order to bring the war criminals to justice
4.     Condemning Israel for resorting to force against civilian people and using unconventional weapons in Gaza’s populated areas 5.      Condemning Israel’s air, ground, and sea attacks 6.      Asking for immediate termination of military operation against Gaza people 7.      Providing humanitarian aid such as food, fuel, and medicine and transferring those aids to Gaza people 8.      Dispatching an IIPU committee to the region to direct the relief operations 9.      Urging
the United Nations and relief organizations such as the Red Cross to
send humanitarian aid and transfer the wounded from Gaza
10. Holding the Zionist regime responsible for the loss of human lives and the destruction in the Gaza Strip 11.   Imposing a legal obligation on the Israeli Government to pay reparations to the victims. 12. Urging all IIPU members to break off their parliamentary relations with Tel Aviv. 13.  Making
a call on international community to pressure Israel to release the
Palestinian prisoners, including the Palestinian National Assembly
speaker and other Palestinian lawmakers
14. Asking the director general to transfer the financial aids collected by the IIPU member states’ parliaments to Gaza people. NOW ADD THAT TO THE LIST AS WELL. 15. Mullahs in Iran to stop arming Terror groups like Hizbollah and Hamas with rockets into Israel 16. Mullahs in Iran to stop subverting legitimate government of Arab countries. 17. Mullahs in Iran to abide by numerous SC resolution and stop its Nuclear program 18. Iranian leaders to stop inciting hate against Jews by denying the Holocaust. 19. Mullahs in Iran grant freedom of speech to everyone in Iran 20. Mullahs in Tehran spend Iranian hard earned money to reduce 30% unemployment, and 27% inflation 21. Mullahs to spend more time to develop Iran civilian infrastructure. Do we need more reasons why Mullahs in Tehran should be removed.? 


khaleh mosheh

Thank you

by khaleh mosheh on

Ostaad Jan for this invaluble article. It certainly clearly outlines the suggestion propagated here that Iran is somehow the winner or the cause of this as utterly preposterous.

Unfortunatley preposterous ideas are advanced here as part of an orchestrated propaganda campaign. The propaganda campaign is thought to be the means to end. However as the end, which is aggressive regional domination and subjugation of the local populace, has been shown historicaly to be self defeating (consider Napoleon, The Nazi regime etc), the propaganda campaign it self is a futile exercise and luckily a waste of time for the imbeciles engaging in it.


Ba sepas