beyond appearances, America and Iran have many convergent interests.
France Inter / Bernard Guetta

The year of the proclamation of the Islamic Republic, thirty years ago on April 1st, the American embassy in Teheran had been occupied and its diplomats taken as an hostage. Since, all the bonds are broken between Iran and the United States. There was, during these three decades, of the secret contacts between the two countries. Their representatives recently crossed in international meetings devoted to Iraq.

 Nothing of all that had led to anything but, there, a turn is takenSusan Rice, new UN American deputy, has declared, yesterday, that Washington “wished to engage in a vigorous diplomacy which includes, she said, a direct diplomacy with Iran”. She added at once that a refusal of the Iranians to conform to their nuclear matter international obligations would make “only increase the pressure on them” but, as he had announced, Barack Obama will turn another page of the American policy by opening talks with Teheran.It is a gigantic so promising bet at the same time but as a commission bipartisane of great figures of the American diplomacy had vainly recommended to Georges Bush, two years ago already, to cross this step because, beyond appearances, America and Iran have many convergent interests.Not more than the United States, Shiite Iran does not want of a victory of the islamist Sunnits in Afghanistan, the Tali... >>>
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