An ugly bias is back: blaming Jews for financial woes
The Christian Science Monitor / Brad A. Greenberg
26-Feb-2009 (2 comments)

Though some Jewish money managers have proved to be scoundrels at best, like Shylock, it is not because they are Jewish – just as Christianity did not inspire Ken Lay to cheat Enron's shareholders. Indeed, Jews may be the easy historical target, but scapegoating misses the moral of our own failures. The real responsibility lies with all of us.

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by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Thank you Ostaad, the same morale bankruptcy and cynicism that has historically scapegoated Jews, now targets Muslims, Islam, Arabs, IRI, for all failures. However, whereas negative labeling of Jews is rightly picked up and seriously challenged, the same morale outrage is not stirred in many morale crusaders when Muslims come routinely under attack! The demonisation of Muslims takes place freely and often uncontroversially without a beep from those who usually shriek "anti-Semitism" at the slightest criticism of the crimes of Israel or concern for its victims. We hear the usual ugly chorus on this website which attributes all ills and evils to Muslims and the IR and targets any individual who dares question systematic attacks on a country. Even expression of pride for its achievements draws hateful labeling! No doubt all of us, regardless of labels of race, religion, nationality, etc, are equally endowed with capacity for cheating and viciousness.


most people dream of making

by gigi joon (not verified) on

most people dream of making millions and becoming rich, and with money comes power. with power comes greed. that is the simple fact of life and equal with all people, races, genders, ethnicities. doesn't matter who you are or where you're from. to think only jews cheat is racist.