U.S. intel chief: Israel takes `worst-case` view of Iran nukes threat
Haaretz / Barak Ravid
10-Mar-2009 (2 comments)

"We assess now that Iran does not have any highly enriched uranium," Blair said. "We assess that Iran has not yet made that decision," to convert the low-enriched uranium it is making to the weapons-grade material. The officials also said recent Iranian missile tests were not directly related to its nuclear activities. They said the two programs were believed to be on separate development tracks.


Sign of more things to come

by Ostaad on

It seems to me the US is trying to pry itself loose from Israel's influence on its foreign policy in the ME. Let's wait and see.


Mehdi Mazloom

In the name of Allah

by Mehdi Mazloom on

I am sure you are familiar with that famous tactic called "the good guy, bad guy" scenario. In this case, Israel plays the bad guy, and US is playing the good guy.

US is delivering clear mesasge to those koon goshaadah  akhoooooooooooonda. We will affect your relationship with your best ally, and partner to your nuclear program, if you don't learn your table manners. 

Quote from ha'aretz:

Russia, whose help the United States would like to
enlist to limit any Iranian nuclear weapons program, has reason to be
concerned about a nuclear-armed Iran, Blair said. That would in turn
give Russia a reason to cooperate with U.S. aims to deploy missile
defenses in Europe.

But, Blair said, "they also have an incentive in limiting (missile defense) cooperation."

The Obama administration has said Russian help on Iran could limit
the need for a missile defense. Russia opposes the missile defense
system, seeing it is a threat rather than, as the United States says, a
way to block strikes from states such as Iran. 

Also, I would suggest to follow Hilary Clinton's footstep very very closely. Nortice whom is she has been meeting and forming better relationship. China, Russia, and Syria. Now, connet the dots...............to tehran, and you will get the picture.