Egypt, Saudis bend over backwards to extricate Syria from Iranian grip
Haaretz / AP
27-Mar-2009 (2 comments)

At the same time, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have an
ulterior motive. With Obama also pursuing dialogue directly with Iran,
Washington's Arab allies want to make sure their interests are not left
out if the United States and Iran reach any reconciliation.


Extricate this

by Ostaad on

All off Iran's neighbors as well as Israel have very valid reason to be "in" when it comes to dealing with Iran. The Iran "problem" is regional, even international, in its dimensions therefore any workable solution must be a regional/international one.

Israel has a right to be in on this because it just can't afford being left out any rapprochement between Iran and the US. Israel wants the Iran headache to be over if the US and Iran patch up their problems. Israel DOES NOT want to be left holding the bag. Israel justifiably wants in and it should be admitted with normalized relations with all, but Israel must establish peace with the Palestinians first. 


Farhad Kashani

I wish them all the

by Farhad Kashani on

I wish them all the success.

The whole world need to isolate this war mongering Fascist regime in Tehran.

Come on Mr. Assad, come to your senses and leave these monsters!