Bahais flee Egyptian city after arson
[Persian] Gulfnews / Ramadan Al Sherbini
03-Apr-2009 (2 comments)

Cairo: Bahais, a minority estimated at 2,000 in this predominantly Muslim country, have fled the city of Sohag, some 500km south of Cairo, after Muslim militants torched houses belonging to six followers, local media and security officials said on Friday. Investigations have disclosed that Muslims in the village of Al Shurani in Sohag set the houses on fire after they saw a local Bahai defending the faith on a TV show earlier in the week, according to security sources.

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The main reason

by abc84930 (not verified) on

The main reason for this attack was a journalist inciteful article printed in one of egypt newspapers calling bahais evil and that they have to be eliminated.

same thing mullahs been doing in iran for decades.
inciting people. Of course as long as there are people that live under cloud of superstition and dont bother to think for themselves this sorta things keep happeing.


The super title is inaccurate

by ./. (not verified) on

The mahmoudi family who are all bahais control and run VOA. They are always on TV (either live or re-runs).