Talk of Israeli strike in Iran 'nonsense,' Peres tells Mitchell
The Jerusalem Post
16-Apr-2009 (5 comments)

Talk of a possible Israeli strike in Iran is "nonsense" and the solution to the nuclear standoff with Teheran is "not military," President Shimon Peres said Thursday during a meeting with special US envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell. Peres's statement was seemingly at odds with remarks he made Sunday, when he warned that if US President Barack Obama's overtures to Teheran proved fruitless, Israel would be forced to "strike" Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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Mehdi Mazloom

Let get real.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

First, I hope and pray that, we won't get to that point, where Israel will be forced to take military action against the Mullahs.

However, if it does!

I don't believe the real targets will not be the nuclear installations. Rather, the attack (with full coordination with US and EU), will be aimed to destabilize the regime, and provide opening for opposition  elements in Iran itself to start the "moving party" - remove and move the Mullahs from power. 

Therefore, the the real targets will be  all IRI installations, Navy, army and missile sites throughout Iran and any other military bases which has been keeping the  akhoooooooondah in power.

Trust me, Israeli planner leave nothing for chance. When they start an aerial military operation against their intended targets, they mean business. Just to remind few of those pundit that, it took IAF just 4 minutes to render Hamas's massive bunkers and their rockets as useless.

Israeli planners  know in advance and in details how, and by which manner the Mullahs will respond and will be ready for it more then one conceives.

In regards to how Hizbollah will reacts, let me quote IDF's northern command whom few month ago was quoted as saying. "we have highly capablae UAV with high resolutioin videos with real time feed. These little suckers will petrol Lebanon's terrirory around the clock. Any site from which we see a rocket, catusha, or misslile is launched, that site and a  km in radious will be declared a military target - and everything and anything there will be wiped out. 


Did anyone doubt

by XerXes (not verified) on

That Israel is bluffing? Does anyone seriously think that Israel has the capability or the power to attack the giant Iran? If they could, they would have by now.


Why is Peres a war criminal?

by Anonymouseeeee (not verified) on

I don't get the headline (on the fron page link). How id Peres a war criminal? As far as I know he was never a senior military officer...and why did he eat "shekar" saying Iran won't be attacked? Do we want Iran to be attacked? Or do we just hurl abuse at any Israeli leader saying anything?


To Margo Channing

by LOL (not verified) on

This is what is called a good cop-bad cop game ... LOL


OK It Is Confirmed!

by iranian4ever (not verified) on

Israel will attack VERY Soon! Stay tuned!

This is always been apart of their master strategy.. the element of surpise.. when they reassure their enemy that they have no intention of attacking and then BAM!

Remember Gaza? Just a few days earlier, war criminal Barak chuffed that he was Minister of Defence, not Minister of War! Yeah right!

All their war talk day in day out and open unsubstantiated threats has had the enemy on the ready.. now some sweet talking by their crusty old useless President is needed to calm the air before the day of reckoning!

OMG.. put your seatbelts on guys.. its gonna be a bumpy ride!!!