Diplomacy: Rounding up the anti-Iranian posse
The Jerusalem Post / Herb Keinon
18-Apr-2009 (2 comments)

The expectation in Jerusalem is that the new UScadministration will ask Israel to toe the line. For instance, if thecSunni Arab countries, more petrified right now of Iran than of Israel,cmake the Arab peace initiative a condition for entering into this grand coalition, then Israel will be asked to look at it favorably. In other words, what Obama is saying to Israel is, "I am putting together a broad global coalition that wants to make peace in the Middle East and stop the Iranians. What is your contribution?"

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United States has to choose between the Zionists and the Muslim

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world. The onesided relationship between Israel and USA has to end. USA must look after her own wellbeing while Israel has been creating new crisis for US increasingly. There's hope with Obama in office because he gets it. Israel pressure United States to boycott the "UN anti racism Forum" that will take place tomorrow.

Farhad Kashani

Ostaad,   Is your nose

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Is your nose brown from kissing Khamenei’s ass yet?


Lets see what’s Israel’s contributions to pace: 1979 PEACE with Egypt, PEACE with JORDAN, PEACE with Palestinian authority, willingness of PEACE with Syria.


IRI contribution: beating on the war and conflict drum, and provoking anti Israeli fundamentalist groups to cause chaos and terrorism in region, prolonging the war with Iraq to 8 years resulting in the destruction of Iran…..