Obama admits US involvement in 1953 Iran coup
Middle East Online
05-Jun-2009 (6 comments)

US President Barack Obama made a major gesture of conciliation to Iran on Thursday when he admitted US involvement in the 1953 coup which overthrew the government of Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh. "In the middle of the Cold War, the United States played a role in the overthrow of a democratically elected Iranian government," Obama said in a keynote speech to the Muslim world in Cairo. It was the first time a serving US president had publicly admitted American involvement in the coup. The US Central Intelligence Agency, with British backing, masterminded the coup after Mossadegh nationalised the oil industry, run until then by the British-owned Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.

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Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

While US debt to the Chinese existed prior to Obama's inauguration, it is Obama who added over $2 TRILLION to that debt in less than four months.

His term lasts for 48 months. Obama's fiscal policy is a disaster.

As to his acknowledgment of 1953, it served no purpose beyond adding fuel to this obsession in Iran to continue bringing up the events of that year in virtually every discussion or argument.

But, you go on ahead and continue this admiration for the guy.




The US has been indebted to Chinese with billions of unrepayable debt before the economic collapse and the SUBSEQUENT presidency of Obama!

Obama's acknowledgement of the US involvement in the 1953 coup "8 years before he was born" does not make the facts of history any paler and the acknowledgement any less valid.  In this case, those born after the Holocaust must keep an open mind regarding the crimes that took place and their magnitude, ha?!



by Ostaad on

You said, "...we all know Iran cannot ever come close to China economically." I have no clue how you KNOW what "we all know" at the first place. Second, would you care to elaborate why do we all know that Iran cannot do what China has done economically?

Kaveh Nouraee

Obama is proving to be a

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Obama is proving to be a major catastrophe with each passing day.

Indebted this country to the Chinese for the next who knows how many years for an amount that will take who knows how long to pay off. Fires the CEO of a private company, and forces that company as well as another into bankruptcy. Not only did he leave private investors in those companies with nothing, he violated the Constitution when he took the companies over.

Now, he admits involvement in a coup that took place 8 years before he was born.

What next?


IRI's future: MORE oppression inside and MORE trade outside

by Kuseh the Dreamer (not verified) on

That is what basically IRI leaders from all categories have always wanted and might very well get thanks to Mr. Obama.

If you recall Rafsanjani's favorite model for Iran, even though far fetched for Iran and its strict archaic religion-based laws, has been CHINA!

now that there is a good chance one of Rafsanjani's protégés might be allowed to win, he might be able to help bring that crazy dream one step closer to reality with the help of Obama in the White House, even though we all know Iran cannot ever come close to China economically.


"Since the

by Ostaad on

"Since the Islamic
revolution, Iran has played a role in acts of hostage-taking and
violence against US troops and civilians. This history is well known.

"Rather than remain trapped
in the past, I've made it clear to Iran's leaders and people that my
country is prepared to move forward. The question now is not what Iran
is against, but rather what future it wants to build."