Bomb Iran -- with love! / Mike Madden
20-Jun-2009 (5 comments)

Not long ago, Republicans were talking about attacking Iran. Now they think Obama doesn't love Iran enough!


Doostyeh khaleh kherseh

by Ostaad on

They are a bunch of duplicitous bastards. GOP has hated anything Iranian. No amount of lipstick can make these pigs look good as far as Iran is concerned.


Farhad Kashani

Bavafa, I wrote you a

by Farhad Kashani on


I wrote you a good response, but Jahansha jaan decided to censor it!

It was about if you are tired of my remakrs, you can STFU and watch my brave Iranians kick you and Khamenei's a@@ out of Iran.



Farhad, I can hold it any more

by Bavafa on

Why don't you STFU and let Iranians do what they have started and you go and pay attention to your master, NatanYaboo. 

I have had it with your sorry a$$ comments. 


P.S. I see no difference between you and those Bassijies that are terrorizing Iranians, both are traitors period.


I'm pointing out the fact that...

by Ostaad on

the GOP is an enemy of Iran. There is nothing "about the US" other than the fact the Iranian people have made it very clear they don't need the US's help. They are doing just fine on their own.

I am very happy with what the responsible people in the US are doing in regard to Iran's "issues" right now.  The GOP view is opportunistic, duplicitous and blatantly dishonest. GOP's record about the human rights violations in Iran is despicable. They along with their Zionist contributors ARE Iran's enemies.

That's all, lit'l boy.

Farhad Kashani

Ostaad,   Get your

by Farhad Kashani on



Get your head out the sand!


At a time when the whole world realized that the Iranian people don’t want the IRI regime, and at a time when the world have shown solidarity with the people of Iran in their struggle for freedom and democracy, the few remaining IRI supporters like you come on this site and try to make this somehow about the U.S. That’s a desperate and despicable and failed attempt to divert attention from people’s uprising.


Get your head out of the sand. IRIs 30 years attempt to make this about the U.S has failed, and failed miserably. You wanna jump on their sinking ship, go ahead! As matter of fact, I’ll help you get on it! We don’t need pro IRI Fascism people like you around.