Naomi Klein: Oppose the state, not the people
Haaretz / Yotam Feldman
02-Jul-2009 (6 comments)

"...The State of Israel is trying to show that everything
is fine in its territory, that it's possible to spend a nice vacation
here or to be part of Western culture, very Western culture. I don't
want to be a part of that..."


Boycott Israeli goods

by Ostaad on

Some European countries have boycotted goods produced in the occupied territories of West Bank and Golan. The US must adopt the same policy.

Write your representatives and demand the same boycotts.

PS - Read Naomi Clien's book, Shock Therapy. It's a must read.



Ostaad, thanks for sharing the link

by Bavafa on

Knowladge is power and every little bit will help.



Bavafa, you're not alone.

by Ostaad on

Here's a very short list:

1. Don't buy any computer that has the Intel Inside sign. Intel has a big operation in Israel.

Instead buy computers equipped with Advanced Micro Device (AMD) Central Processing Unit(s) (CPUs).

Don't buy HP printers and/or computers. HP has a big operation in Israel.

Instead buy Canon, Panasonic, etc.

This is a miniscule list but these are the products that a lot of people buy.

For a more complete list, go here:


Furthermore, write letters to the PR offices of the companies whose products you purchase and let them know how you feel about their relationships with the Zionsit/terrorist state.


amnesty international has proven to be an unbiased body

by Bavafa on

They have been advocating human rights no matter where or under what flag and expose criminal regime like the one in Iran and perhaps much worse of regime, the one in Israel. 

 Just a fresh report but no sane and unbiased person needed to see this report to know about their crimes




Farhad Kashani

Ostaad,   What a loser

by Farhad Kashani on



What a loser IRI supporters like you are! You’re delusional and twisted blind pro IRI anti Americanism has led you to rush to spit propaganda that will eventually come back and bite you in the arc!


Amnesty International has always been one of the biggest criticizers of the Fascist IRI regime. Here’s a link:




You can overlook Amnesty’s harsh condemnation of IRI’s barbaric actions, but Iranians and people of the world won’t!


Bring it on partner! I’ll be waiting here for you exposing your pathetic and childish false outdated propaganda!


Death to the dictator and its supporters!



I have long boycotted companies that I firmely know

by Bavafa on

that are tied to the Israel's goverment.  Of course the list is long but I try my best not to spend my money with them and I encourge every one to do the same.  Hit them where it hurts most for them, $$$$