Palin: Obama energy plan a 'threat'
Tehran Times
14-Jul-2009 (2 comments)

In her July 3 announcement that she
intended to resign the governorship, Palin identified energy as one of
a handful of national issues she intended to focus on once she was free
of the constraints of office-holding.


Now we know why she quit...

by Ostaad on

In other words, the found me as their best choice to represent their interests.

And, they''re paying a heck of a lot better that the governor's job.




Go Sarah!

by FrankiPaykani on

I found her comments highly appropriate.

Eergy independance: Good

Emitting less carbon: Good

Raising the cost of production in a weak economy, assinine.

The more the left viciously attcks Sarah Palin and her children, the more popular she becomes.