Bill Robinson vs. the ADL Thought Police
Payvand / Jeff Gates
15-Jul-2009 (3 comments)

Facts have since proven it was largely
pro-Israelis who fixed the intelligence that manipulated the U.S. to invade
Iraq. That same network has now mobilized to expand that war to Iran. A key
barrier: the global condemnation of Israel's brutal assault on Gaza. How does
Tel Aviv limit the public relations fallout? On what leverage points should
Israel focus to contain the censure while continuing to obscure Israel and
pro-Israelis as the common source of this manipulation?

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ADL spies on American citizens in gross violation of ...

by Ostaad on

their civil rights. ADL has a long history of silensing those coscientious American citizens who want to support that all-American motto of fair play and rooting for the underdog. ADK has spied on American citizens with the exclusive intention to violtate their civil rights when any of them has tried save Amerca from the bloody jaws of the Zionist Israel-firsters.

Here's just one example that I have personal knowledge of:

The ADL Spying Case is Over, But the Struggle Continues.


The head of the San Francisco branch of this spy agency was a former San Francisco Supervisor, Carol Ruth Silver.

It's true, just as the struggle against tyranny continues in Iran, the American people's struggle to rid themselves of these Zionist parasites continues too.

Zionism and Islamism are two sides of the same coin. Both must be eradicated for peace to come to the ME.


Dan Huck

Ostaad, Keep Posting - There is Linkage

by Dan Huck on

And how about this for a psyops operation. Plant advisors to the Pope who can be counted on to effectively encourage him to some particular action plan that can be turned into a major public relations disaster when you need it the most. Bring out your heaviest guns to accuse the Pope of the grossest anti-semitism, setting back Catholic-Jewish relations for decades. Swamp the internet and media with coverage of this "outrage" while your Gaza outrage continues unabated, with potential criticism stifled.

Google hits went from 1 million for 'pope condemns gaza' to '8 million for 'jews condemn pope'. For the basic article, see

Elie Wiesel attacks pope over Holocaust bishop  

Benedict has given credence to “the most vulgar aspect of
anti-Semitism” by rehabilitating a Holocaust-denying bishop, said Elie
Wiesel, the death camp survivor, author and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

My letter (at the bottom of the article)is below.

Dan Huck , Jan 29 2009 07:53, Thursday

best defense is a good offense. Heaven knows the Nation of Israel - I'm
referring to the tens of millions of Jews who continue to be quiet
about their homeland's outrage against the inhabitants of their Gaza
Ghetto - needs to find scapegoats to distract attention from that
homeland, Israel, and it's ongoing 100 to 1 type cruelty and brutality.
As an American, most of all I am disgusted with my own Nation, and
hence my own, looking the other way as this cruelty and rape of
innocents has continued. Many American Jews are intensely outraged at
the behavior of Israel and it's supporters in the rest of the world,
such as the United States, Great Britain, and, of course, our stalwart
friend, the Marshall Islands.
So I hope the Pope isn't distracted. Let the Jews figure out how to let
the Conservative and Reformed Jews of Israel be first class citizens,
or some other in-house issue, like refraining from bulldozing the
houses of the families of someone they suspect of harboring them
ill-will, and let the Catholics deal with their own issues without a
load of attempted intimidation from the perpetrators of war crimes.    




Farhad Kashani

Ostaad,   Stop posting

by Farhad Kashani on



Stop posting propaganda out of desperation for something good to say about the IRI regime. That will not save your regime. If this propaganda would’ve worked, it would’ve worked the last 30 years.


Thought police exists in countries with government that you support, like the Fascist IRI regime. That’s where they tell you what you think, what to write and what to say. They tell you Khamanei ‘s position is “divine” and he replaces god on earth. They have red lines on everything from which foot to put first when you enter a toilette to how to think about politics. In Israel (where the so called "Zionists" are in control!!) and America, you can bash and trash the highest person in power, government, religion, beliefs…. And everything in between.


So, like I said, this nonsense propaganda BS you post here will not prevent the collapse f your beloved Fascist IRI regime. It will only backfire on you.


Now we know how delusional, out of touch, misguided and pro IRI you are.