Microsoft Continues to Ban Windows Live Messenger in Iran, Citing US Sanctions
Payvand / Parisa Ghobbeh
17-Jul-2009 (one comment)

In conversations with the US Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), NIAC has learned that Microsoft instituted the ban with no prompting from OFAC or the United States government. According to OFAC's guidance on Iran sanctions, "the receipt or transmission of postal, telegraphic, telephonic or other personal communications, which does not involve the transfer of anything of value, between the United States and Iran is authorized."


Sanctions must be removed or broken

by Ostaad on

Since as has been reported in the media more than 18000 Iranians have downloaded programs called agents to connect to blocked web sites by going through proxies that are located in the US, Microsoft's actions are superfluous and darn stupid.