Senate OKs funds to thwart Iran Web censors
Washington Times / Eli Lake
26-Jul-2009 (one comment)

"There is a growing amount of money available for Web circumvention and activism," Andrew Lewman, the executive director of the Tor project, told The Times. "So when there is money, people will come, and you are seeing a lot of companies retooling themselves to become circumvention providers."


Candyman cometh... Iranians beware!

by Ostaad on

I have no problem with the US extending technological tools to the Iranians to help them stand up to the regime. But I have a sneaky feeling that there are strings attached and at the end the Iranians will end up with the short end of the stick with a lot of proxy site "entrepreneurs" like the Haystack guy cashing in while a lot of Iranians will be left exposed at the mercy of the Iranian, US or Israeli governments. The Iranian regime will be coming knocking on their doors armed with the info scanned from the proxy sites setup by its agents. The US government will target them for propaganda, and the Israeli government will sure blackmail them forcing them to report on their scientific or other activities - that's exactly how Israel creates Palestinian collaborators.

Call me paranoid? Look who's "sponsoring" the VOICE bill! Lieberman, a notorious Israel-firster and the "bomb, bomb Iran" crazy ass McCain. If you think these characters care about the Iranian people, I have a ski chalet with a view north of Baghdad to sell you.