Director Khosrow Sinai film about Polish refugees in Iran World War II
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01-Aug-2009 (one comment)

“The Lost Requiem” by the Iranian filmmaker, Khosrow Sinai, tells the story of the Polish exodus and the plight of these refugees in wartime Iran. Sinai says that on a visit to Doulab cemetery in Tehran in 1970 he saw the Polish graves and was inspired to find out more and to make a documentary about the Polish refugees. It took him twelve years to complete the film during which he had to track down and interview the surviving Poles in Iran and other countries as far away as New Zealand.
In this multimedia report, Khosrow Sinai tells the moving story of the Polish exodus to Iran and the refugees whose lives were so dramatically transformed.

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Thank you very much Darius

by fozolie on

I was aware of the Polish refugees in Iran but had not seen any pictures. The polish refugees were in very poor shape when they reached Iran. I believe their migration was blamed for a Typhoid epidemic in Iran (my parents had mentioned that as one of whom lost an uncle to  the disease).

And to think after seeing first hand the tragic handiwork of Comrade Stalin our Communists would not (and do not) wake up.  

Mr. Fozolie