Orly Taitz: Obama policies are 'clear and present danger to Israel'
Haaretz / Benjamin L. Hartman
17-Aug-2009 (5 comments)

"During the campaign, Obama was telling American Jews
that he is for Israel... but sure enough, just as he was elected, look
at his first actions, he issued an executive order to give $900 million
to Gaza with no preconditions."

She believes Obama poses a threat to Israel not only
because of his support of radical Islamic groups such as Hamas, but
also because of his "radical socialist" policies, that will bring the
United States to "totalitarianism and Stalinism." According to Taitz,
these policies "pose a threat to all democracies, not only Israel."

Since her explosive MSNBC appearance, the "birther" movement has
largely faded, supplanted by the health care debate and a new,
more-vocal stream of detractors swarming the town hall meetings on
health care, leaving Taitz and her movement as yesterday's news;
outside of Israel that is.

Over the last two weeks, Taitz has been featured in a segment on
Channel 10 television's popular nightly news show "London and
Kirschenbaum," filmed a segment for the far-right Arutz 7 Web site and
recorded a show for their radio channel, was featured in a three-page
article in mass circulation daily Ma'ariv, and was the subject of a
feature on Channel 1 TV.


Meet the enemies of the American people...

by Ostaad on

I it is becoming increasingly obvious to many Americans the most clear and present danger to the US is Israel.


Shah Ghollam

No surprise

by Shah Ghollam on

That is real American politics with massive Zionist injection for their own interests. As for American people awakening, oh well, they have been shafted by the Zionists for sixty years. They are well trained by now!


She is such decent

by Bavafa on

She is such decent journalist that I had to shut her up by her second sentence


P.S. I swear, these people make AN a decent and intelligent person



by capt_ayhab on

An attorney/dentist/real estate agent.


che khabar e

Who IS this psycho bitch? 

by che khabar e on

Who IS this psycho bitch?  The danger to the US isn't Israel but people like this nut case... and others.