Iran’s leader says Western agents not to blame, after all
Christian Science Monitor / Dan Murphy
28-Aug-2009 (one comment)

Late Wednesday, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei directly contradicted the narrative the country’s hard-liners have spun about their reformist opponents in recent months: the reformists are not part of an international conspiracy to destroy the Islamic republic and move Iran into a US-controlled sphere of influence, after all.

His comments come as the US and other Western governments are threatening to increase the pressure on Iran over its nuclear program. On Thursday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that if Iran does not enter meaningful negotiations on the program soon, new UN sanctions will be sought against the country. “If there is no positive answer by September we will have to consider further measures,” said Mrs. Merkel.

In a statement read on state television, Khamenei – the most powerful man in the country’s theocratic government – said weeks of show trials have failed to prove that leaders have been agents of foreign powers and the televised confessions to that effect.

The trials included an elaborate conspiracy theory by the state prosecutor that about 100 opp... >>>

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typical ...

by k1s1000 on

This title is typical "western media" interpretation (or wish) of events in Iran. If you listen to the video of Khamenei's speech at the university with students (posted on this forum), he says, "so far I have not seen evidence that implies those opposition leaders KNEW beforehand that the foriegn agents were supporting the riots". In fact he also points out that the riots were work of foriegn agents and that it was not prepared in a short period of time, such as just after the election and ints aftermath, but that those agents have worked on this for a long while inside Iran. He also pointed out that this act of Iran's enemies will not stop, will continue until the country is strong and does not need their help any longer.  Furthermore, he encouraged students to foil  foriegners  "soft plots" with intellect and thought.