Obama’s political blackmail
ynetnews.com / Michael Fenenbock
03-Sep-2009 (one comment)

President Obama has now linked forcing Israeli concessions on a two-state solution to American help with Iran
and its nuclear ambitions. The Obama administration is prepared to
offer Israel tougher action against Iran’s nuclear program if the Netanyahu
government agrees to stop building in east Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria.

Presient Obama’s Chicago-style political
hardball has serious implications for Israel. Forcing Israel to “go it
alone” with Iran by withholding targeting information, satellite
images, over-flight permissions, technical help jamming air defenses –
and a whole host of other behind-the-scenes assistance – reduces the
chance of Israeli military success.

We can remind American voters why, absent
of the world preventing a nuclear Iran, Israel might be forced to make
the difficult choice of a military strike as a means of self-defense.


And we can send a message through the American voter to President
Obama – it is in the US’ vital national interest that any Israeli
military strike succeed. Don’t deny Israel the help it needs as part of

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by k1s1000 on

This article clearly shows how moronic and idiotic Israel and her supporters are. I wish them luck in seeing the 22nd century.