Russia denies mystery ship was carrying missiles to Iran
Christian Science Monitor / Ritt Goldstein
09-Sep-2009 (3 comments)

Russia angrily denied media reports over the weekend that a freighter seized in what was dubbed the first act of piracy in northern Europe in over 100 years was in fact carrying a secret cargo of missiles to Iran.

"This is absolutely not true," said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday, reacting to claims made in last week's Sunday Times (London) and elsewhere that the Arctic Sea, the ship allegedly hijacked on July 28 off Sweden's coast and released on Aug. 16 by a Russian Navy ship, was secretly carrying S-300 antiaircraft missiles to Iran. The ship's official cargo was timber bound for Algeria.

Nevertheless, rumors continue to swirl around the seizure of the Arctic Sea, not least because Russia has not been forthcoming about the results of its investigation, centering around eight men who it says hijacked the ship and are now in Russian custody.

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I don't know what's going on but...

by Ostaad on

both Peres and "the Yabu" have made "secret" trips to Russia following this "news". Something bigger is going on and Israel has been caught red-handed again (of course that's only my opinion).

We have an old massal in Farsi that says missiles and timber don't mix, do they?






by yolanda on

Thanks for the intriguing article.  I will stay tuned!




by pars35 on

why would you want to saili the weapons around the world.

how about just sending the weapons through the caspian sea???


Hype.. Isreal is afraid of its own shadow