Iran has Passed the Test that Iraq Did
Khaleej Times Online / Eric Margolis
05-Oct-2009 (2 comments)

The leaders of the United States, Britain and France staged a bravura theatrical performance here last week by claiming to have just ‘discovered’ a secret Iran uranium enrichment plant near Qom. On cue, a carefully orchestrated North American media blitz trumpeted warnings of the alleged Iranian nuclear threat and ‘long-ranged missiles.’

In reality, the Qom plant, Iran’s second uranium enrichment operation, was detected by US spy satellites over two years ago, and was known to the 
intelligence community.

Iran claimed the plant would not begin enriching uranium for peaceful power for another 540 days. UN nuclear watchdogs say Iran should have revealed the plant earlier. UN nuclear rules, to which Iran adheres, calls for 180 days notice. Iran alerted the UN last week and said it would invite inspectors. That did nothing to silence Western howls of outrage.

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Dan Huck

None so blind as those who will not see, Ostaad - Good Digging!

by Dan Huck on

So IAEA inspectors have assured the international community Iran is only enriching uranium to 5%, and it needs to be enriched to 95% for nuclear weapons. The IAEA has assured us major modifications would have to be done at Natanz to enrich anywhere near the 95% level, and they have TV cameras all over the place watching every move, but the Congress of the US, The Secretary of State, The National Security Council, no one is willing to say these things clearly and directly, right?

It's pretty embarrassing, isn't it? 

And no one is watching Israel, right? No TV cameras, no inspections, but they continue to build nuclear weapons, right? 

"Welcome to Iraq déjà vu, and another phony crisis. US intelligence and UN inspectors say Iran has no nuclear weapons and certainly no nuclear warheads and is only enriching uranium to 5 per cent.

Nuclear weapons require 95 per cent. Iran’s nuclear facilities are under constant UN inspection and US surveillance. The US, its allies, and Israel insist Iran is secretly developing nuclear warheads. They demand Teheran prove a negative: that is has no nuclear weapons. Iraq was also put to the same impossible test."  



by capt_ayhab on

Thanks for the post dude, double standard is in UN and US is sickening.