'Rumors that Ahmadinejad has Jewish roots false'
ynetnews.com / Who knows
05-Oct-2009 (one comment)

Yeroshalmi, a scholar at Tel Aviv
University's Center for Iranian Studies, also disputed the Telegraph
article's findings that the "-jian" ending to the name specifically
showed the family had been practicing Jews.

"This ending is in no way sufficient to judge whether someone has a
Jewish background. Many Muslim surnames have the same ending," he was
quoted by The Guardian as saying.

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Shah Ghollam

This has been

by Shah Ghollam on

one out of many stream of manufactured news disinforming the public recently. To name a few :

  • Iran has data to make n-bomb: IAEA report
  • New Iran Uranium Enrichment Site Raises Concerns
  • The Iran Attack Plan
  • Obama accuses Iran of secret nuclear facility
  • Israel names Russians helping Iran build nuclear bomb

    What puzzles me is the many Iranians who after having become familiar with this kind of monkey reporting for the past 30 years stil cannot reconize thetrap and fall into believeing all kinds of misinformation/disinformation. You don't believe me, read what people post here!

    Such lack of judgements on Iranians abroad will cost Iran dearly in the name of Hurting IRI!