CIA: Israel aided in editing info on exposed Iran nuclear facility
Haaretz / Yossi Melman
07-Oct-2009 (one comment)

Israeli intelligence was involved in editing and creating the sanitized version of information about Iran's recently revealed secret uranium enrichment facility near Qom.

The revelation comes in an interview given by the director of the Central Intelligence Agency Leon Panetta to TIME magazine.

Panetta said that the CIA had known about the facility for at least three years. The CIA chief said he was preparing a dossier which was formulated in concert with British, Israeli, and French intelligence agencies.
If necessary, the document would be presented to the UN's nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy, and to be used in briefings for the international community.


Nothing was "exposed", it was reported by Iran

by Ostaad on

Seems like Iran ruined their party by reporting the site according to its NPT obligations. Well, better luck next time.