US denies role in disappearance of Iranian scientist
[Persian] Gulfnews / Jumana Al Tamimi
10-Oct-2009 (3 comments)

The US has denied on Thursday evening what it called "baseless Iranian allegations" of being involved in the disappearance of an Iranian nuclear scientist, an incident which comes amid an improvement in the American-Iranian relations.

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Regime apologist uses same old diversion

by FG on

Your post treats ASSUMPTION as fact.  Consider an alternate and far more likely explanation: defection. Iran leads the world in brain drain for good reason.

hearing that recend rigged elections were the "most honest in history," after being told that no prison rapes occurre, after watching show trials based
on forced confessions, the people of Iran have no good reason to fall for such nonsense.

Of course it is totally unconceivable
that any Iranian be so unhappy with such a refime as to defect.   You suggest the people would love a regime which stole their last
hope for PEACEFUL change three months ago and then brutalize all who dared

The mass of people don't need foreigners to tell them that they live in a country ruled by a brutal Supreme Moral Exemplar who--along with his security service thugs and
the most ultraconservative clerics--enjoys a total monopoly over
virtually every aspect of life--economic, political, social power,
judicial, the media, etc.   While the ruling thugs roll in dough, people who haven't paid for weeks are beginning to strike.

What's does the Islamic Republic, as shamed under Khamenei and thugs, offer the people?  A boot in their faces forever (Orwell's classic definition of totalitarianism).

Why would more and more people defect or demonstrate against anyhing?  Foreigners make them do it obviously.  After all,  they have so much to be happy about!


Kashani, the real...

by Ostaad on

bastards are the ones who call the Persian Gulf, "the Gulf". I'm sure any real Iranina would agree, I'm not so sure about you though.

Farhad Kashani

Ostaad, No one lies like

by Farhad Kashani on


No one lies like your beloved IRI regime. They are professional liars. They shoot young women who ask for their basic freedoms in the heart and then claim “Israel killed her to make us look bad!”

The sad part is people like you who support that regime, are actually lower than the regime itself. That means you have degraded yourself lower from a bunch of religious, Fascist, war mongering, human rights violating, clash of civilization initiating, criminal bastards!

Congrats !