US lawmakers approve Iran sanctions bill
Middle East Online
15-Oct-2009 (3 comments)

The US House of Representatives passed legislation Wednesday that punishes firms that do business in Iran's energy sector.

The bill, which sailed through by a 414-6 vote, permits US states, local governments and pension funds to end investments in firms that have 20 million dollars or more invested in Iran's petroleum or natural gas operations.

"Today’s action should remind Tehran that the window for engagement will not remain open indefinitely, and that the United States will use all tools at its disposal to prevent its acquisition of nuclear weapons," said Democratic House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.

"This legislation gives a strong 'go signal' to state and local leaders around America to get out of Iran," said Representative Mark Kirk, the measure's lead Republican author.


AIPC donation-soaked Congress at work...

by Ostaad on

The fact is as other countries, including France, are actively signing contract that far exceed the $20 million limit, the US congress is depriving the US to play a role in Iran's economic future. All as favor to the "Jewish lobby" contribution.

The American people and their national interests were sacrificed by the occupied congress once more for Israel's sake. Why not the impoverished Americans don't have enough money to make contributions. Guess who does!


Shah Ghollam

Indeed these sanctions hurt the

by Shah Ghollam on

United States and Europe as the biggest loosers than Iran. Iran benefits in two ways, one that Chinese will expand their business in Iran and the other is sanctions do jolt intelligent nations to better themselves.

The US businesses suffer the most aside from loosing business  these sanctions solidify Chinese companies to develop their products for the long run and be more competitive against the West. All of these while American workers are sucking their thumbs for lack of business in the worst recession since depression times in 1927!

Here is Aljazeera report on Chinese business in Iran:



Let them poke themselves

by Bavafa on

Let them poke themselves in the eye. Lets see who the looser will be in this.