Iranian go-slow dims deal chances at Vienna
Khaleej [Fars] Times Online
16-Oct-2009 (one comment)

World powers will seek to finalise an agreement with Iran next week on processing its uranium abroad to help allay Western fears it is developing nuclear weapons.

But Iran has dampened Western expectations it is ready to seal the deal. “Time is on our side,” a senior Iranian official said. Tehran would send junior officials rather than its nuclear energy chief to the talks starting on Monday in Vienna, he said.

The International Atomic Energy Agency was ready for up to three days of talks on its premises but no one knew how long they would run, a diplomat close to the U.N. watchdog said.

Iran won itself a reprieve from the threat of harsher U.N. sanctions by engaging six powers in rare high-level talks on Oct. 1 in Geneva that opened the door to detente over its disputed nuclear programme after a seven-year standoff.

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Shah Ghollam

Though Iran

by Shah Ghollam on

is following a brilliant strategy, a couple more steps are missing:

- Iran must ask the west to foot the bill for its enrichment process abroad. Why must Iranian taxpayers be forced to pay the bill when Iran is fully capable to enrich Uranium to 20%? Iran is only agreeing to process abroad to calm Western fears, so let them pay for it.

- Iran must not ship all its (LEU) to Russia and then France in one step. The better strategy is to send the material to Russia in batches. This forces the West to follow up with the agreement delligently and leave no room for cheating against Iran. Once the first batch arrives as reprocessed, Iran should ship the second batch of LEU.

The West has a poor reputaion in terms of following International law and agreements, this must be the background of any negotiations with the West!