Iran does not need France at nuclear fuel talks
Middle East Online
20-Oct-2009 (one comment)

Iran said on Tuesday that
France is not needed at the Vienna talks on the supply of nuclear fuel
to Tehran and that it would negotiate only with the United States and

"The negotiations will be
conducted with these two countries in the presence of the agency. We do
not need a lot of fuel and we do not need the presence of many
countries. There is no need for France to be present."

"It does not have an
acceptable record and since it also obstructed the negotiations between
Iran and the IAEA," Tehran will not hold direct talks with Paris, the
source said.

On reports that Washington
is considering to officially acknowledge Iran's right to enrich
uranium, Mottaki said: "American officials have said in some
declarations and discussions very clearly this thing, and we welcome


It should be done by the US and Russia only!

by Ostaad on

Kick the French out, ignore the Brits and who cares about the Germans. The ones who count are the US and Russia...and China. In other words, screw the "Old Europe"!


JJ, why does the Exerpts section format gets out of wack after the item is submitted? I'm referring to the out-of-place line breaks. It looks fine in the Preview.