Suicide victim or fall guy: Young doctor at Kahrizak detention center allegedly takes his own life
homylafayette / homylafayette
14-Nov-2009 (one comment)

A young medical doctor at the notorious Kahrizak detention center has committed suicide, according to the Norouz news site.

Ramin Pourandarjani, 26, was fulfilling his military service obligations by serving as a physician at the Kahrizak detention center. The atrocities committed against jailed protesters at that prison were so egregious that Leader Ali Khamenei had to order its closure. It is unclear whether the detention center has been shut down or not.

A special committee's investigation into the abuses at Kahrizak has been dogged by delays and hurdles. (For a report on this, click here)

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by yolanda on

He looks like a fall guy to me. It means one important witness is gone!


Thanks for posting the article!